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The present village hall was part funded by the Millennium Commission, and opened in 1999 to replace the 60 year old building (which started life as two Army huts).

Elham Kent Newsletter

EVHA also publishes the Elham Newsletter.
This is produced 10 times a year and is delivered free to all the households in the parish.

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Elham Village Hall Association Ltd.

The Elham Village Hall Association (EVHA), is a charity and limited company dedicated to improving the lives of residents of Elham and the surrounding neighbourhoods by providing a community space for recreation, sports and activities.

It also organises community events and publishes a community newsletter for the parish of Elham.
Membership of the Association is open to all. Members elect a Management Council who are tasked with running the Association and are also trustees of the charity.
Our governing document is here.


Membership of the Village Hall Association is by the modest annual subscription of £10. By belonging to the Association, members contribute to the development of the hall, and have the use of its many facilities at discounted rates.

To enable you to do this please click Here for a downloadable application form.


To assist EVHA Council members with the practical help necessary to organise and run various fund raising and maintenance functions, we keep a register of volunteers who can be called upon on an occasional Ad Hoc basis.
If you or any members of your family would like to register as one of our "Helping Hands", we would be delighted to hear from you.

130 Club

The 130 Club is a private lottery and is open to all residents from Elham and the surrounding area, their family and friends.

Each month there is a draw for 50% of the income.

This amount is divided between 3 lucky winners.

By joining the 130 Club you can help ensure Elham Village Hall remains open as a resource for all the residents in our community; as well as having a chance to win cash prizes every month!

Like all lotteries you have to be in it to win it! Just email Martin at jgt867@aol.com for an application form and the full terms and conditions

Each number costs £12.00 and we ask that you pay for 12 months in advance.
The more people who buy a subscription – the higher the prize money!

EVHA 130 Club

The Elham Collage

The Elham Collage is quite famous and has been exhibited nationally!
It is proudly displayed in the foyer of the village hall for all to enjoy.

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About EVHA

About EVHA

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